Bokja Couture Armchair
Bokja Couture Armchair
Bokja Couture Armchair


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Lead time: 6-8 weeks.

Bokja Couture armchair, made from vintage fabric gathered from different regions of the world. These chairs are handmade and no two chairs look the same, for that reason there might be slight differences between each product.

Through trade and travel, textiles, patterns and colors are collected from around the world, originating from places as far apart as Samarkand, Aleppo and Istanbul. Each Bokja creation upholds its individual physical identity as it becomes connected with foreign cultures and fabrics. The newly assembled textiles are then treated with contemporary embroideries in the Bokja studio and introduced in a new context, continuing the journey of the fabric story. Bokja brings together poetic fragments of a specific time and place and situates them in unusual arrangements with a new context. The end result is a rich and unexpected new visual vocabulary of encoded information and aesthetic.

Fabric Color: Multicolored
Dimensions: W 30" | D 30" | H 30"